This has been brewing inside my brain for at least two years and I have finally settled on my logo (despite making minor tweaks daily).  Will's Turn! remains the name of the company and I will be adding the words "gourmet wood" to the branding of my kitchen items (cutting boards, wine bottle stoppers, peppermills, ice cream scoops, etc.). Just as Will's Turn is a play on words - wood turning and this time being my turn to do what I want - the word "gourmet" refers to both food and the fine taste and style of those who choose Will's Turn! handcrafted products.

While my writing instruments are not edible, gourmets still seek them. Still, I will start branding my pens under the name "Will's Quills" - the quill being the forerunner of the pen and an instrument of elegant script.

Now...it's time to get back in the shop and create some pieces to restock the store!  

As always, I greatly appreciate the support I have received from so many either through encouragement or by purchasing a fine Will's Turn! product.  You're all gourmets in my book.

Moving is never much fun.  It's even worse when moving from a 2 1/2 car garage to one that is barely considered a single.  Somehow I made it work.  Actually, I am pretty surprised by how much useable space I have in the new digs.

I sold the last of my stock pens last week.  I look forward to making more soon.  In addition to pens, I will be doing a run of pizza cutters, ice cream scoops, and tablet styluses (styli?!?).  

Until I have a catalog of items for you to see, please visit my Gallery of Past Work, then fill out a Custom Order form
I have a new website host and am using new design software.  Please be patient as I take this page through some changes until I settle on a design I like.

    About Will

    Will's Turn! is a slight play on words.  It describes the time I get to spend on my hobby. When I am in my shop, it is my time, my turn to do what I want to do.  Also, while I practice many styles of woodworking, woodturning is my primary craft.  Will's Turn!  


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